Spa Treatment

The sense of wellness

Amret Spa

Based on the knowledge and wisdom of traditional philosophies and natural healing traditions, natural product works holistically to nurture the skin and enhance overall well-being.

Made of the highest quality Plant essences and extracts have been sourced natural ingredients from Cambodia as many of scrubs and wraps are local blend with fresh herbs by our talented team of therapists penetrate deep into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate.


60 Minutes: USD 27.00 | 90 Minutes: USD 35.00

Traditional Khmer techniques are incorporated to unblock your body’s natural energy flow in this massage performed without oil. Palm pressure, light stretching movements and pressure points are incorporated to relieve tension, improve blood flow, and increase flexibility. Special attention is focused on the back and legs, making this treatment particularly effective after travel.


45 Minutes : USD 20.00 | 60 Minutes : USD 29.00

This special technique focusses on back and shoulders by using deep tissue massage is great for muscle pain, stiffness, and tensions.


60 Minutes : USD 32.00 | 90 Minutes USD 42.00

Traditional medicine recipe mixes according to fresh herbs create a compress, which is heat and applied into your body combination oil or dry massage. This massage renowned for deeply relaxing invigorating and detoxing.


60 Minutes : USD 30.00

Himalayan crystal salt scrub exfoliates, hydrates, an invigorating treatment that will nourishing minerals and leaves your skin noticeably smoother. This effective and relaxing scrub provides an ideal preparation for any massage.


60 Minutes : USD 30.00

Special home make blend of traditional recipe cinnamon, moringa powder brown rice ginger aloe vera and egg also add some honey releasing harmful toxins that are embedded in the skin. This wrap ends with a deeply relaxing head massage followed by the application of our hydrating body lotion to bond the nutrients into your skin.


Cambodian people use herbs and fruit for a traditional medicine combine in this beneficial and pampering facial. We will do consultations for you demine and skin type to deliver your best expectations. We use all 100% natural ingredient which we pick from our organic garden best suited to your skin.


60 Minutes: USD 29.00 | 90 Minutes: USD 39.00

This flowing massage technique are integrated into signature treatment, graceful massage uses deep pressure by thumps, palm, and elbows to relieve with a choice of aromatic oils to release tension, improve circulation, ease stress, and encourage harmony of body and mind.


60 Minutes : USD 32.00 | 90 Minutes : USD 42.00

This combinations with warm stone and oil massage techniques retain heat in corporate make you feel completely relaxing and take you chronic pains and stress, improve circulations bring you to the peace and harmony.


60 Minutes : USD 25.00

In this soothing treatment our therapist’s awareness on your pressure point targets each organ of the body is connected to the reflex points of the feet via meridian energy lines we can release blocked energy and stimulate better energy flow which helps to release stress and tension. Increasing circulation will also aid in toxin release leaving your whole body feeling fabulous.


60 Minutes : USD 30.00

We combine freshy ground cinnamon yellow ginner brown sticky rice with homemade yogurt passion fruit and honey. This traditional treatment will invigorate your sense and smooth your skin. Enjoyed the fantastic and powerful properties of herbs help to reduce cellulite and detox your skin.


60 Minutes : USD 30.00

Using organic local fruit season and sticky rice powder our full body wrap nourishes and promotes regeneration of the skin, improving its tone and texture.  A head massage will help you to relax further whilst you are cocooning in the wrap, and a generous application of our luscious body lotion will help the skin seal in hydration and nutrients. This treatment is best combined with a body scrub.


60 Minutes : USD 35.00

This treatment is incorporate traditional technique with high performance of organic herbs. A deep cleansing organic fruity papaya mango and avocado are rebalancing your skin heath and softening, while a pressure point promotes lymphatic drainage and completely relax head shoulder and neck.