The Le Kree Restaurant, Bar & Club

About La Véranda

Relaxing good atmosphere with breathtaking fresh air, La Véranda Café & Bistro is a place designed for both leisure and business meeting. Enjoy contemporary with selection of Traditional food, Asia with fleshly local products from the market and local specialties service, will be friendly and efficient. We serve daily from 06:00am till mid-night.


Delicious, authentic Khmer food

Beef Lok Lak

Cambodian beef stir fry serve with onions, cucumbers and tomatoes and dipped in a sauce


The best burger in town

Fresh Salad

Freshly made, home style salad.

Fried Chicken

The crispiest, spiciest, homemade fried chicken.

Lam Rip

Tasty, easy, lick-your-fingers lamb.

Cocktails Corona

Combination of tequila and orange juice in pint glass.

Cocktails Corona

Combination of tequila and orange juice in pint glass.

Coctails Red

A stunning red cocktail is a fitting complement to any romantic occasion.

Pumkin Soup

Delightful soup made with pumpkin puree, chicken stock, onion, and fresh herbs.


Fresh salmon from the north sea.

Water Melon

Sweet and savoury watermelon from the local market.


Le Kree Hotel wants to be the first place where guests can experience the fresh and delicious food. Thus, we introduce Véranda café & bistro.

Located on the ground floor of the Le Kree Downtown Hotel, La Véranda, showcases organic and homegrown produce and outstanding coffee (and of course wine).

The dining hall set a stylish ambience around its design, gourmet food and incomparable service. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner during your stay, or you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and have a talk with friends whenever you want.